Lead your team's DEI Journey with clarity and confidence

You’re ready to evolve your organization’s culture for greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It will take a strategic plan, expert support, and step-by-step guidance and tools to make it happen.

Whether you’re just interested in taking the Sojourn DEI Journey Audit to get a report on your organization’s recommended DEI Journey — or you’re ready to enter your full path today — we got you. One step at a time.

Three Paths. One Journey.

As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Here’s the next step to clear the path for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.


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Sojourn DEI Journey Audit Results
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Up to 150 people
$ 149
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Step-by-Step DEI Journey
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Full-Suite DEI Support

Teams of 150+
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Freemium vs. Subscription

At Sojourn, we believe in clear and transparent pricing.
As a small business ourselves, we know you need all the info upfront to make the right decision for your team.

Key Features



Get your Sojourn DEI Journey Audit Report



Unlock the Workpaths for your team's complete DEI strategy


Draft DEI Policies & Procedures


DEI & Inclusive Culture Building Tools


Read & share new DEI Topics articles



Self-paced Workshops & Courses


Support from a DEI Manager

Sales support only

✔️ Chat and Email

Add on more consulting support

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Complete DEI Journey for a small org


Ready to move from talk to action?

Sojourn is a brand new kind of DEI Information System (DEIIS) platform. Its web-based app interface brings organizational culture leaders the step-by-step plans, tools and consultant guidance to create a more Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive (DEI) culture that evolves with them.

We love transparent pricing too! Right now a single user subscription is $149 USD / month. You can find the latest package options right on our Pricing page.

The Sojourn DEI Journey Audit for a single user contains 20 questions about your organization’s measurable DEI initiatives. These questions are presented within the I – We – Us Model which has been proven highly effective at helping small to mid-size organization leaders implement the essential steps for understanding and foundationally building an evolving DEI culture. 

Please note: This is a high-level audit based on one person’s input. The DEI Journey Audit is not built to comprehensively assess and make recommendations on the subjective aspects of an organization’s DEI journey. The DEI Journey Audit is a great starting point to determine the next best steps to ensure your organization is aligning its actions with its values. 

Taking the Sojourn DEI Journey Audit (single user) will produce a unique report with your suggested Sojourn Workpaths to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture with your team.

We like where your head is at! The next version of Sojourn will include an organizational license which will allow you to lead your entire team’s DEI journey from within the platform. For now, we are focused on creating a robust experience for one culture leader who is primarily responsible for leading a small organization’s DEI work.