What do you need to get on track with DEI?

Find out with the Sojourn DEI Journey Audit.

✔ Identify your organization’s next best steps on its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Journey

✔ Gain confidence about where to begin with your initial Discovery phase, followed by strategic initiatives within the We Us Model

✔ Take a key step toward closing the gap between your organization’s stated values and its actions

✔ Share the downloadable .pdf report with stakeholders for increased buy-in

What is it for?

The Sojourn DEI Journey Audit is a preliminary individual survey you can take online.
It guides culture leaders to
determine the next steps on their organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Journey.


Just answer the 20 questions to the best of your ability, save your results with a free account, and get your PDF report.

*Relieved Sigh*

The entire process is guided and easy to complete. If you have any questions, we got you!


As part of our commitment to expanding access to effective DEI, we've made it completely free!


Pro tip: If you have to pause midway through, make sure to save your progress with a free Sojourn account.


Immediately get a shareable plan (.pdf) to close the gap between your stated values and your actions


Send the report to stakeholders across your team, leadership, members, board, volunteers, network, etc.

About the Methodology

The Sojourn DEI Journey Audit for a single user contains 20 questions about your organization’s measurable DEI initiatives. These questions are presented within the I – We – Us Model which has been proven highly effective at helping small — mid-size organization leaders implement the essential steps for understanding and foundationally building an evolving DEI culture.

This is a high-level audit based on one person’s input. The Sojourn DEI Journey Audit is not built to comprehensively assess and make recommendations on the subjective aspects of an organization’s Sojourn DEI Journey. The Sojourn DEI Journey Audit is a great starting point to determine the next best steps to ensure your organization is aligning its actions with its values.

An image from the Sojourn DEI Journey Audit single user