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Embark on the transformative journey toward a culture of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) with Sojourn DEI – your all-in-one solution equipped with step-by-step Workpaths, comprehensive Toolkits, engaging Workshops, and expert guidance.

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An illustration shows four humans and one golden lab. The people are a diverse group, including who appears to be a black man with a short afro, a brown person with their hand on their hip, a middle eastern man with a bun and a white person with orange hair and their arms confidently crossed. Sojourn.

Step-by-Step Methods

Easily share progress with your team on what’s done, what’s next, and what’s on deck for your long-term DEI strategy.

Built-in Solutions

Guide your organization in embedding DEI seamlessly throughout your policies, processes, and practices.

Expert Support

Get guidance from our DEI experts when you need it via live chat or email supporting you along the way.

Take your DEI outcomes to new levels with Sojourn DEI.

Sojourn DEI provides seamless and intuitive solutions to develop, track, and enhance customizable DEI initiatives with confidence. Our easy-to-use methods are designed by DEI experts for organizations to navigate the intricacies of activating diversity, ensuring equity, and fostering inclusion.

Step-by-step Workpaths with templates & tools to embed DEI best practices

Workshops & courses for every stage of your DEI initiative

Task tracking & essential compliance tools to know what needs to happen next, what capacity it will take, and how to measure and report progress along the way

Ongoing support and tools at an affordable investment for any size organization

Direct guidance from DEI leaders via chat and email support, so you’re never navigating alone.