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Accessible DEI expertise at your fingertips.

Your DEI aspirations deserve a robust platform. Sojourn is precisely engineered for organizations like yours—flexible, forward-thinking, and fully supportive as you grow. 

We meet you where you are. Our platform allows you to jump in at any stage, any time, so your journey to a more inclusive workplace starts the moment you’re ready. 

Because everyone deserves a
workplace where they belong.

Elevate Your Midsize Business with Expert-Designed DEI Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Imagine the most impactful change for your organization costs less than your morning cup of coffee. That’s right – for a small daily investment, Sojourn unlocks a future where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords, but the pillars of your thriving business culture. 

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Illustration of a woman holding a coffee cup. Text reads, "All for less than the cost of your daily coffee."


$ 0 Really - No Catch
  • Stay Ahead with Trending DEI Topics
  • Exclusive DEI Journey Audit
  • Insightful DEI Journey Audit Results
  • Roadmap for Audit Implementation
  • Preview Subscription Only Content
  • First workshop is Free


$ 149 Monthly
  • Everything in Freemium PLUS:
  • Comprehensive DEI Integration
  • Tailored DEI Toolkit
  • A Blueprint for Inclusive Excellence
  • DEI Learning for All Levels
  • Accountability and Compliance at Your Fingertips
  • Personalized Guidance from real DEI Experts
  • Email or Chat with Our Team of DEI Managers

Elevate Your Midsize Business with Expert-Designed DEI Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Adaptive DEI Evolution: Stay ahead of the curve with resources designed for continuous DEI development, guiding you through an ever-evolving landscape with agility and insight.

Expert-Driven Content & Tools: Exclusive, expertly crafted materials and comprehensive tools that empower you to build a solid foundation for DEI in your organization.

Collaborative DEI Network: Engage with an active community of DEI peers and experts, exchanging experiences and gaining insights within a dynamic shared learning environment.

Expertly Crafted DEI Pathway: Follow a proven, expert-developed Workpaths that offer step-by-step guidance, leading you confidently through the complexities of DEI implementation.

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DEI is your strategic advantage. Let's activate it together.




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